Feb. 16th, 2016

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Why live in a vehicle?

Save money over renting or owning a building.
At least as customizable as owning a [tiny] building, far more so than renting.
Can move my house temporarily for events, permanently for relocating to a new city.
Can avoid some residential zoning laws.

Why live in a large vehicle?

My ambulance was good for 1-2 people for a trip. It's too small for 2 people for permanent living, or more than two for visiting. It's way too small for a party of any sort.
An upgrade from a van/ambulance to a large vehicle is like ab upgrade from a tiny studio apartment to a 1.5-bedroom apartment.
Existing school bus conversions can sleep 4-6 easily, seat 8-20 for social.
Large vehicles are safer on the road for myself and passengers (evil parent SUV rationalization)

Why not an RV?

RVs are not stealthy at all. It's obvious someone lives inside.
RVs come with a lot of preconceptions that I want to avoid.
Weak walls.

Why not a box truck?

High floor.
Wasted space above/around the cab and hood.
Weak walls.

Why not a step van?

Generally much higher used price than somewhat equivalent other vehicles.
Weak walls.

Why not a school bus?

Low headroom (~6ft?).
High floor.
Weak walls.

Why a transit bus?

Rear engine and unibody means no drivetrain under most of the body, keeps floor low and allows maximum interior headroom (up to 8ft!).
Rear engine is much more accessible than under a hood/doghouse up front.
Rear engine means less noise around the driver.
Side-front and side-mid doors appeal to me more than other combinations.
Unibody means strong walls and roof, including pre-installed interior rails and poles.
Heat/cooling for the whole interior.
Large designed-to-be-removed windows.
Usually excellent previous maintenance regimen.
Higher scrap value, for last resort disposal.

Why not a transit bus?

Less availability, usually farther away.
Less access to qualified mechanics.
Many more miles on the odometer when I get it.
Smaller community of modders/converters.
Not designed for highway speeds.

I’d appreciate any additions to these lists. I know that I have blind spots, and I want this to be a well reasoned decision when I finally pull the trigger.


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