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Found while organizing old documents, a folder labeled "Memories". Some of the contents:

The tickets from my first trip by plane.

Various holiday cards from friends and family.

The unopened invitations to my sister's college graduation and two old friends' wedding.

The letter sent to me by my mother just after she won custody of myself and my sister, before we moved to live with her.

The letter sent to me by my father just after we moved to live with my mother.

A couple of school assignments to transcribe a poem from a book and add color/art, probably including the first and last time I ever tried to draw a bird.

A long letter from my aunt when I was 15, about my impending early graduation.

A few pages from a journal I was required to keep as part of a class when I was 11 years old, with writing prompts, as follows:

12-6-93 (prompt: Free)
I like living in Archbold. I am Happy. I'm glad we moved. I hope to stay here. I like my new teachers. They are nice. I've made a few friends.

12-15-93 (prompt: The year 1993)
I've gone to 3 shools.
I had a nice year.
My mom got custody of me.
I got my first B.
I shot a rifle for the first time.
I cut a hole in my leg.
I had crutches.
I started a collection.
I got shot with a bottle rocket.
I learned a lot.

1-3-94 (prompt: Free)
I was surprised this Christmas, my grandfather gave me a coputer, but I wasn't expecting to get one 'til about February. I was glad that I got to go visit my grandparents. When my sister gave me a new kind of building set I almost kissed her, (YUK!!).

1-12-94 (prompt: Death)
Death is a bad thing. I was sad when my great-grandmother died. I miss her. I don't like it when people I know well die. I hope I don't die for a long time. Death frightens me.

1-31-94 (prompt: Jump)
I had fun jumping rope on Friday. I was proud that I could still stretch my feet to my head. I liked being able to exercise in school with my friends.

2-2-94 (prompt: Free)
I hate sitting by these girls. I sat here to see someone's surprise that the table was taken. I'm satisfied. I hate having to write these... stupid paragraphs!!

2-7-94 (prompt: Weekend)
I didn't do much over the weekend, but what I did do was fun. I'm glad that I got some new computer programs. These paragraphs bore me. It has taken me 8 minutes to write this.

2-9-94 (prompt: I feel)
I feel tired.
I feel excited about having my teeth pulled.
I feel scared.
I feel happy.
I feel rough.
I feel sweaty.
I feel wet.
I feel intelligent.
I feel sad.
I feel like not writing any more of these stupid sentences!

2-15-94 (prompt: Free)
I just had two teeth pulled. I can't eat hard or spicy foods. I don't like that. I am glad that I got a new video game for my computer. It is Dungeons and Dragons, Secret of the Silver Blades.

2-16-95 (prompt: School)
I don't like school a lot. I like math class and my math and english teachers. I don't like having to come to school. I would rather have a virtual reality (ATAR) teaching program for my computer. Most of my classes are smaller than normal. I like being able to use computers. I am not used to so many classes or periods.

2-18-94 (prompt: Mrs Frisby)
Mrs Frisby and the Rats of N.I.M.H. was a good book, just as The Secret of N.I.M.H. was a good movie. They were quite different. Mrs Frisby was Mrs Brisby in the movie. Jenner left in the book, but stayed with the group in the movie. The entrance to the rats dwelling was a tunnel in the book, but a water filled shaft in the movie.

2-22-94 (prompt: If I were President...)
I would lower taxes
kids would only have to complet the 8th grade.
I would be happy
my family would be rich
I would allocate more money to help homeless and disabled people
I would be exited

2-28-94 (prompt: RP)
I liked doing a research paper. I didn't have to do English. My parents helped me write it. It was a fun activity.

3-4-94 (prompt: Trust)
Trust is a very important thing. With-out trust, no one would let anyone else do anything. Trust is hard to earn, but easy to lose. It doesn't feel good to have someone not trust you, or not to be able to trust someone.

3-7-94 (prompt: Free)
I feel good. I am starting to get used to this school. Many strange things happen here. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz [ed: cursive]. I write 2 different ways. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz [ed: type]. I can write in 3 languages. My very few friends are nice. I like most of the kids in school, leave a few.

3-16-94 (prompt: Free)
I feel O.K. I got in trouble in Science and Health. I hope Easter gets here soon. My family might be moving this summer.

3-21-94 (prompt: Easter)
I like Easter. I tis fun to paint eggs. I like to hunt for eggs. My sister isn't as annoying as usual on Easter. I usually get a big basket of candy. My mom makes us look for our Easter Baskets.

3-28-94 (prompt: Free)
I am about to have a test that I didn't know about. I hope I pss. It shouldd be fun. Easter is only 6 days away. I am going to go see my grandparents.

4-5-94 (prompt: Parents)
My parents are nice, but strict. I like them. I have 4, Mom: Judy, Dad: Bill, Stepmom: Marie, Stepdad: Brian. [ed: change from ink to pencil here] Oops. I don't spend as much time with my parents as I would like to, but I spend enough. My mom and Dad were diorced a couple of years ago, they both remarried.

4-8-94 (prompt: Free)
Joe is bugging me more than ever. Ralph beat me up again. John is hitting me more often. I don't like being beatup.

4-11-94 (prompt: Bill)
I... am smart
like lacrosse
eat pizza
am an IBM whiz
like food
do NOT like my sister

4-15-94 (prompt: Free)
I have a sub-teacher. I came 2nd place in the spelling contest.

4-18-94 (prompt: Attendance)
Attendance is important. It tells who is where and who is not. It is used a lot.

4-26-94 (prompt: I need __ to be successful)
good self esteem
to be trustworthy
an education
self control
to be friendly
to be able to make educated decisions
to think positive
to be prompt
to accomplish goals

5-2-94 (prompt: Weekend)
I went to camp. It was my first year at camp. I had fun. I met new people. I made a few friends.

5-5-94 (prompt: Free)
I'm going to the OutBack. It will be my first time. I am excited.

5-9-94 (prompt: Mom)
Mom is good,
She is sweet.
Especially when,
She gives me treats.
Mom is good,
She is nice.
She can give,
My life some spice.
Mom is good,
She loves me so.
Even when I,
Break the window.

5-17-94 (prompt: Free)
I'm tired. I will be getting a new game soon so I am happy.
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