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The world's population is booming. This is not necessarily a good thing. How many billions more people can the world support if we continue to find an infinite amount of petroleum from which to make fertilizer? How many billions fewer can it support if we don't? Different studies put these numbers at wildly varying levels, many of which have been disproved over the last century as we passed through previous predictions. Running out of food isn't something people like to think about, but regardless of when it happens, it will happen, and it would be prudent to make plans and procedures to keep it from happening or deal with it when it does.

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Today let's talk about intimate activities, of the mundane and kinky varieties, as apply to my personal preferences.

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[0] There are many partially or completely independent axes on which an interaction can be quantified and determined to be desirable or not. How much I enjoy the act and how much I enjoy YOU are two different things. I can enjoy tying up someone I don't like, and I can enjoy spanking someone that I love.

[1] A model, a photographer, and myself get together for a photo shoot. I enjoy tying her up even though she has no interest in being tied up, she is just there because the photographer considers her pretty and is giving her photos or money or other consideration.

[2] And chainwork, and webbingwork, and all the other sorts of attaching-things-to-other-things bondage.

[3] Whether "wonderful" is light and free and floating, or heavy and pinching and restrictive, it gives much of either end of that spectrum.
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When it comes time to have a baby, there is a lot of decision making and immediate and future responsibility involved. My views on this issue are controversial, and something that came up in conversation recently so I thought they would be worth putting down in writing.

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[1] Most judges favor the mother. I choose not to argue that point, since at worst it's moot, at best it makes my later point stronger.

[2] I know some harried fathers-to-be who would disagree

[3] "Up to" because she can opt to give up. "9 months" because "40 weeks" is a much less common search term.

[4] There are many ways you could compare 18 years of John's sweat to 9 months use of Jane's body. Normal compensation rates for surrogate mothers come to mind as a plausible basis for such a comparison.

[5] Contrary to the belief of some, my opinions are not set in stone. I consider my value system to be one of the most internally consistent that I have encountered, but it still has gaps in it that I cannot reconcile. If you can rationally validate your position, and it is more consistent than mine, then mine will have to be adjusted.

PS: This is the last day of the August challenge, which I failed miserably. I shall continue writing when I can, and hope you continue reading!
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TRIGGER WARNING: This note involves rape and drugs.


I have removed his address from this post at the request of the people who still live at that address. He is currently being held, with no bond listed, for a technical parole violation regarding his change of address. If we do nothing, he will be back out very soon. Once again, if you have firsthand knowledge of any of his illegal doings (no rumors, please), please contact Shawn Bugbee (tagged on this note) or the police directly.
His current inmate status can be seen here, if the link stays good:


Techno is in jail. He is currently being held by the Fulton County Sherriff's Department, the hold mandated by the Parole dept. Further information as it arrives. Do not consider this issue closed, anyone with something to report should still contact the parole dept or the police and explain your situation.

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It's time to air out some dirty laundry. Rumors are fine and dandy for things that don't matter, but this has long since passed that point. I'm sure some of you have heard various things from various people about my involvement with this issue, so this is to set the record straight.

Christopher Dale Moore, better known as Techno to most of our mutual acquaintances, is a menace. He is a sexual predator. He is a liar, and not even a good one. My stated goal at this point is to not encounter him in social settings any more, and to prevent my acquaintances, especially of the naive female variety, from having to deal with him, and I don't plan to adjust my own habits to accomplish that. I have been neutral on this subject for too long, and too many people have become involved for me to continue to let it slide. If I still have your ear, please read on...

ETA: Shawn Bugbee, known to many of us as the legal counsel for CoLab in their current disagreements with the APD, is collecting information from any victims of this man. If you have first-hand information (no rumors!), please pass it on to him (he can be found on Facebook by name or at his website

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Some names changed to protect the innocent.
Crossposted to Facebook and Livejournal.

TRIGGER WARNING: This note involves rape and drugs.
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Some words on the recent drama and controversy surrounding CoLab...

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Today I'm going to talk about how awesome my new job[0] is, and a few slight caveats.

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[0] Linux Systems Administrator 2 at Peer 1. I take phone calls and emails from customers, people who pay us for dedicated computer servers that are installed in our data center and run software for their websites and databases and email and such. I troubleshoot their issues on our network and software problems on their servers.

[1] This is ignoring the fact that actually using that many days would defeat the purpose of them putting me on that schedule, since they wouldn't actually be effectively filling the Saturday slot that needs filling.

[2] It weirds me out that they wouldn't tell me about these things when offering me the position. I was considering competing offers, so I was well into the territory where they wanted me more than I wanted them. All of this information could have been the deciding factor, and they didn't say a word.

[3] You have to be daft or crazy to not contribute to a retirement account with matching funds. Even if you are unreservedly anti-investment and anti-banks, you can put in $10 and get the matching $10, then immediately take out the $20 and take a 40% tax hit and still come out with $12 instead of the $10 you put in.

[4] Cleaning up at/around CoLab? Teaching origami? Working tech or whatever else at a convention? I am sure I can fit SOMETHING that I do into those two days, and save two days of vacation time.

[5] My bike got stolen from the street/martaescalator-side racks at Peachtree center. MARTA refused to release the surveillance video to me without a subpoena, which wasn't worth pursuing. It's nice to never have to worry about that again.
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My post on tipping seems to have struck a chord, albeit of a negative sort. Today I'm going to address some other weird, arbitrary, impractical, or uncommon bits of American social expectations. Things like manners and fashion and whatever else comes to mind.

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[2] A) WTF? Seriously, WTF? B) Same objection as feeding mogwai... when does "after Labor Day" end? Can you wear a white dress at an xmas or new year's celebration?

[3] happy:happily::funny:funnily::silly:sillily
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I get asked a lot why I don't have a car. My modes of transportation change on a regular basis, everything from pedestrian to driving a gas guzzling pickup truck for work over the past few years, and there are many factors involved in deciding when it's time to change.

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Let's talk about tipping food service wait staff professionals. These are people you would typically call "waiter" or "waitress". I am going to systematically address every argument I have heard in favor of commonly advocated American tipping practices.

Before I start, I need to tell you that I give my waitress a larger tip than her average, on average. I tip more than most people in my party, most of the time. I am not a cheapskate. *I* am not the problem.

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[1] For the sake of this post, I am discussing the typical range of restaurant prices encountered by my friends (particularly of the LJ variety) on a regular basis. "cheap" is somewhere around $4 entrees and $6 meals, at places like Waffle House or Denny's. "expensive" is $20 entrees and $30+ meals, at places like Maggiano's and Ruth's Chris.
[2] Georgia has, afaik, the lowest state minimum wage in the country. It is one of a handful of states that do not improve on the federal laws in this regard. Almost every server in the country is earning more than $2.13 as their base wage.
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Since I'm about to head out of the house for 20-40 hours of parties and other sundry social events, I figured that sort of thing would make a good post. I am involved in a lot of social circles, covering a huge cross-section of different subcultures in and around Atlanta, so if you're bored then read on and find something new to explore. I just hope I don't insult anyone along the way...

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My perfect girl...

I'll preface this with a disclaimer that "My 95% girl" spans a VERY wide range of bell curvy area around almost all of these things, and I have a great time hanging out with plenty of girls outside that range all the time anyway.

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So, [ profile] nurrynur wants me to write about conventions. She asked about more broad conceptual stuff, but this is going to be about half and half that alongside information about all of the specific conventions that I attend.

In January I start the year out with some long trips...
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That's my regular year. On top of that there are all sorts of things that I don't know enough about to describe or recommend, and I'm not sure I'm attending this upcoming year, but probably will, such as Faerie Escape, ShibariCon, FetishCon, AnachroCon, Atlanta Comic Con, OutlantaCon, DuckStock, and probably a half dozen more that I can't think of at 2AM.

If you're interested in knowing more about any of these events, or traveling with me to any of them, please let me know. The more the merrier, especially when it makes gas and hotels cheaper :)
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[ profile] kdsorceress thinks I should write about my future. Not being gifted with any discernable sixth sense or prescience, this will all be speculation, or at best goals and hopes.

In my near future, before next summer...
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In the mid-term, 1-3 years from now...
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In the long-term, 3-10 years[2] from now...
Maybe )

Beyond that, who knows. I think the world will have ended by then. If not, it will be unrecognizable to us today. Grey goo, neural computer interfaces, nuclear war, biological war, space colonisation, or one of a dozen other timeline-derailing scenarios will have come to pass, and I can only hope to be around to see the other side of whatever happens.

[1] Even if you are absolutely opposed to retirement savings, you can put in your $50/wk, plus their $50/wk, withdraw it all immediately, take the ~36% tax penalty, and come out with $64, $14 ahead of the guy who just ignores the opportunity and keeps his $50.

[2] Yes, 3-10 years is long term. I know as little about myself at age 35 today as I knew about myself today at age 20. Also, the singularity is approaching.
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Tonight I am going to brainstorm my pre-Dragon*Con plans into 750W. I know this isn't "Writing", per se, but it's a good excuse to get this list done sooner rather than later.

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Today I'm going to write about some of my recent adventures in computer gaming. In case you don't know me very well, I'm not a fan of DRM (that's a whole other post), and I am a Linux user, so I enjoy a weird cross section of new and classic games of all sorts, and occasionally avoid games I might otherwise enjoy.

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So, I missed a day and failed the August challenge on That makes me sad, but all the reasons I missed it were worth it.

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Today's rant is on proprietary software, closed-source software, anti-tinkering mindsets, intellectual property law, and other things most of you don't care about but I think are going to be the second or third most important part of the legal and cultural landscape in the next 20 years. This one is a very long post.
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So, yesterday's words were all about sex, and I got some friendly feedback. A couple of folks let me know they didn't appreciate the TMI, but they were explicitly warned, so that's no fault of mine. Someone asked why I would make a post like that, and I think the simplest explanation is that it is 20 less minutes of talking I have to do when I end up in bed with anyone who reads my LJ. Add together the small chance of someone being attracted to or challenged by what I wrote and my belief that there is not anyone who would have ever slept with me otherwise that won't after having read that, and you have some good incentive to be as open as possible.

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Day three!

Aug. 4th, 2010 01:02 am
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Second day on the new job proved equally informative to the first. work stuff )

Today I found out that one of my long distance very-occasional intimate partners just got engaged to her primary romantic interest. poly stuff )

I was gifted a tiny Razor electric scooter, of the sit-down type with a collapsing seat and handlebars. maker stuff )

On the topic of Freeside, we had a round of new member inductions today. 4 new members were announced. Unfortunately the person that I sponsored was not among them. Freeside stuff )

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So, today gets a mostly boring post, and you have to click the cut for anything less boring. It was my first day at the new job (with Peer1) and, despite being rather boring, I learned a lot.

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