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Roommate's car got keyed while I was away, leading to a police report and a shouting match with the neighbor that did it.  I think we are going to break our lease here.  Between the pool failing inspection (closed for 3 weeks now), semi-monthly interruptions to water service, 80%-nonworking security gates, and a host of other small things I think we will be ok if they try to come after us.

On that note...  I am looking for a new place.  I need an apartment/house or room for myself, or an apartment/house or rooms for myself and my current roommate, or a house for *sale* (<$120k) for consideration by a friend who I am sorta house hunting with.  ITP on the north or east cooridors would be great.  Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Decatur, or anywhere between downtown and those locations.

Origins was fun.  Daytime volunteering cut into gaming, need to get some night shifts next year.  Made some new friends when I found a ride home, and finally got contact info for some folks that I only get to see once a year.

I arrived home from vacation to find my PC with a dead video card.  Hopefully that's the only dead part, but an erratic router and a dead power supply for an unrelated device tells me we probably had a lightning strike and I will have to check all my electronics that were running.  So glad I found a netbook on woot recently or I would be computerless right now, and that would be no good for a lot of reasons.

My dental troubles continue to mount.  Good news, less pain due to less pressure, and less bleeding overall due to more regular flossing.  Bad news, less pressure due to crowned-after-10-years-of-impacting wisdom tooth, leading to unstoppable bleeding at one site.  Eating is seriously difficult, I have been on a mushy-foods-only diet for over a week now.  I need a thorough teeth cleaning and can't find a dentist in Atlanta that will do it for less than $500, and on top of that I need 3 wisdom teeth out.  Fortunately I can get the teeth out in Nashville for 1/10th what it will cost in Atlanta, just have to get up there ASAP.  Recommendations on diet, dentist, and/or oral surgery options would be appreciated.

Finally, I am really enjoying having a scooter.  I miss my bike, and being able to take it on MARTA, but not enough to switch back.
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One of our roommates is moving out. That leaves two of us (26M, 26F) in a 3BR/2BA apartment, ITP in Sandy Springs. Rent for the room is $300/mo, plus $100/mo average utilities. Have to be a good fit for us, so it helps if you already know Amy and/or myself. Get in touch with me if you are interested or know someone who might be.


Dec. 13th, 2008 02:51 pm
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Well, the roomie took some pics of the apartment and posted them on flickr, so here they are for anyone who hasn't seen the place yet. Still mostly devoid of furniture, working on that!

just_aims' photostream
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The time has come to furnish the new place. We are shopping on craigslist and in discount furniture stores and seeing some things we like. I am also reaching out to all of you. Our shopping list is like so, in order of priority:

  • sectional couch, I want it to include recliners, she wants a chaise lounge, we both want it soft

  • storage ottoman, the big ones with 2 or 4 cushion/tray flip tops

  • end tables

  • night stands

  • bookshelves

  • desk

  • kitchen chairs

  • porch/lawn furniture

Our color preferences are slight, we are leaning towards a dark+light theme, but color isn't going to ruin something. The one 'no' is anything chrome, she can't stand it.

If you have any of this for sale, or know anyone who does, let us know.


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