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Short version: I get paid Friday morning. I need to check into the Arisia hotel tonight. Would anyone out there be willing to check my room in for me? I can switch it over to my own card tomorrow for payment when I check out.

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I spent this weekend in Boston at Arisia. Read more... )

PS: Parts of this entry are NSFW, because I like to have FUN at conventions.

[0] we met last year at Arisia and I got to tie her up once in the con suite, purely socially
[1] which she probably was, see previous sentence about being fond of rope
[2] the Bread Room, for any attendees who remember how it was laid out
[3] widely separated cuffs, hands bound in front below the breasts, elbows bound behind the back, with forearms parallel on opposite sides of the torso
[4] note to self: boldness works, try more often!
[5] note to Westin: beds with legs are awesome, your purchasing staff rocks
[6] which is unlikely to be the ongoing state of affairs if I have anything to say about it, as she and K both find each other cute and play-worthy, and I'm determined to make that happen
[8] Everything is a sex toy. Everything I own, everything K owns, everything at Home Depot, everything at Kroger. If you can't figure out how, you're not thinking hard enough, or you aren't imaginative enough in terms of fetishes.
[9] There are many threads on Fetlife and elsewhere about how to explain your sex toys and fetish gear to police / security / TSA. The answer is easy, "It's a sex toy". Be direct and blunt, tell them exactly how it's used if they insist on inquiring further.


Jan. 21st, 2010 09:50 am
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The Awesome:
Got to spend time with [ profile] kdsorceress
A con suite to rival the best I've seen
A con-suite-like green room, open to panelists and GMs

The Good:
Got to spend more time with [ profile] kdsorceress :)
Very active gaming room
Wide variety of panels and people, from classic fen to modern fandom to alt lifestyles
Got to tie up a few pretty girls, pictures of which you can find in less public locations if you know my online habits well enough.
Learned how to make Rocket Fuel

The Meh:
Didn't get to spend enough time with [ profile] kdsorceress :(
Room parties ran from weak to below average
I didn't have a chance to see more of Boston

No Bad.

No Ugly.

I plan to go back. $200 for round trip airfare was not bank-breakingly bad, but I would rather carpool next year. That means I have 11 months to convince some of you slackers to spend 16 hours in a van with me. Six of us can do it for $30 each in gas (round trip). Drive through Thursday night (in shifts), have breakfast somewhere around DC, arrive at the con around Friday noon. Depending on who goes, maybe we could show these folks how a real con party works :)

In closing, after spending the better part of a week in Boston, Chattacon will be a walk in the park (temperature-wise). I've got half a bed to spare there, if anyone is still looking.


Jan. 15th, 2010 09:38 am
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I'm on the plane to Arisia right now. I'm hosting some gaming to pay my way, but came up short on finding a hotel room. If anyone has friends in Cambridge with a spare couch feel free to point them my way.


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