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I moved because of a job offer. I accidentally applied for a job in Chicago, thinking it was in San Francisco due to some website filtering shenanigans. Fast forward a few days and I get an email asking "are you willing to relocate to Chicago", to which I respond with a cautions affirmative. A few phone interviews and some negotiation later and I discovered I'd be moving on a week's notice.

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If not for all the people I left behind in Boston, including the person I love most, I'd call Chicago the clear winner. After 2.5 years in Boston I had finally managed to establish some long lasting friendships and other relationships. Hopefully those will persist despite the distance, and I can convince people to visit me, and I'll be able to find more good people in Chicago. As with all things, time will tell.
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A bad Frolicon is still better than a good weekend at home. This was my worst one yet, but I still had fun.

The good: I got to do decorative rope, including a couple of large corsets and my first serious attempt at a rope bra, with a bunch of new people. I got to see a lot of old friends and acquaintances. I learned/tried a few new tricks for improvising a working vacuum cube.

The bad: I had to improvise a working vacuum cube, again. I didn't get to spend more than a few minutes with any of the people that I miss who weren't my roommates at the hotel. Half of my potential "wishlist" play dates fell through, and people took my cards off the wish board without contacting me.

The ugly: 40 hours in the car for 48 hours at con is an entirely unacceptable ratio, especially with just 2-3 drivers. I won't make that drive again with fewer than 3 drivers, or for fewer than 4 days in Atlanta (which is entirely plausible for Frolicon, DragonCon, Alchemy, or Euphoria). I missed Thursday entirely, spent most of Friday tired, and fell asleep early both nights, missing out on a lot of fun and opportunity. Next year we will either extend the trip by a few days, or fly.
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I get asked a lot why I don't have a car. My modes of transportation change on a regular basis, everything from pedestrian to driving a gas guzzling pickup truck for work over the past few years, and there are many factors involved in deciding when it's time to change.

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[ profile] kdsorceress thinks I should write about my future. Not being gifted with any discernable sixth sense or prescience, this will all be speculation, or at best goals and hopes.

In my near future, before next summer...
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In the mid-term, 1-3 years from now...
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In the long-term, 3-10 years[2] from now...
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Beyond that, who knows. I think the world will have ended by then. If not, it will be unrecognizable to us today. Grey goo, neural computer interfaces, nuclear war, biological war, space colonisation, or one of a dozen other timeline-derailing scenarios will have come to pass, and I can only hope to be around to see the other side of whatever happens.

[1] Even if you are absolutely opposed to retirement savings, you can put in your $50/wk, plus their $50/wk, withdraw it all immediately, take the ~36% tax penalty, and come out with $64, $14 ahead of the guy who just ignores the opportunity and keeps his $50.

[2] Yes, 3-10 years is long term. I know as little about myself at age 35 today as I knew about myself today at age 20. Also, the singularity is approaching.
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I'm planning to bring a civil action against a company that won't stop robocalling my cell phone. 3-5 calls a day, most leading to a recording. The statutory damages are $500 per infraction, times three if they are willful. A few days of calls provides enough infractions to hit the $15000 claim ceiling*.

I need two things to help me in this endeavor.

1) A loaner phone that is capable of recording calls. I am on T-mobile and can swap my SIM over.

2) Advice on dealing with the filing process. How do I find out exactly who (company/person) to name as the defendant(s)? Is there a best day or time to visit the courthouse? Are there any 'tricks' I should know about to make the process smoother?

* - Should I claim $500 per call for 30 calls, or $1500 per call for 10 calls?
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Today I walked the beltline for the first time, from Ponce to N Highland. Very nice walk, wide cleared area, lots of sculptures. Not a lot of places to stop and sit down yet, unfortunately. Rumor has it my side of the beltline is open from Piedmont Park to Cabbagetown. More on this in the near future.
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I have a lot of sorted and unsorted electronics components, ranging from single inductors to ribbons of hundreds of parts I will never use to giant heavy things like motors and pumps. A large part of that middle area is due to ordering a few Surprise Boxes from Electronics Goldmine (which contents I detailed here). I am going to start at least one TGIMBOEJ to get rid of things that I don't need, and this is the first.

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The local board game meetup is on Saturday, but other than that my holiday weekend is completely empty. A friend from out of town will be around, and most of you are familiar with some of my hobbies... What is there to do around here this weekend?


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