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Three years ago I wrote "Day 13, My Perfect Girl". It was part of a writing challenge, and I tried to describe a set of traits that define my perfect match in a partner, intellectually, romantically, sexually, etc. I've changed since then. I've dated and played with more people in more ways and over longer periods of time. I've also gotten to know myself and what I want/need better. That is how I find myself re-writing this post.

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I'm going to start fresh with a mostly-empty profile and see what that does. For posterity and future reference, here's my entirely unsuccessful profile as it's evolved over the last few years:

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As pertains to this post, I'm not looking for commitment or intercourse. While those are things I'd like to find in some more serious or long term relationships, and that might develop from something simpler, today I'm concerned with other less involved kinds of relationships.

I don't think I can contain in a single phrase what I'm looking for. Perhaps "companionship" is closest, but that doesn't necessarily cover the full span of degrees of intimacy, or lack thereof, in question. There are a lot of relationship niches, and most of them are empty in my life most of the time[1]. I'd like to find someone(s) that I can have lunch or dinner with. Someone to see a movie with, out or at home. Someone to take, or by whom to be taken, to parties of all sorts. A partner in exploration and mischief. A warm body to share cold nights with, even just for the comfort. An intimate partner, somewhere along the spectrum of first through third bases, inclusive. Everything in between, and combinations thereof.

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