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Tonight I am going to brainstorm my pre-Dragon*Con plans into 750W. I know this isn't "Writing", per se, but it's a good excuse to get this list done sooner rather than later.

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Text me your name to make sure I have your number during the con!

I only got about half the #s moved from my old phone to the new one before the old one went kaput. I still have the SIM, and will be looking for someone with an unlocked phone to copy all the #s from the old SIM to the new, but until then I am short half my #s and need you to refresh my memory, especially if your first name starts after 'K'.
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I finally got my pics uploaded and tagged. About 600 of them. Check them out!
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So, D*C is over for the year. I will be building my new flickr account this week, to replace my old web photo gallery, and I need to tag about 10000 old photos and 500 new ones from this weekend before I upload them (although I will probably not in that order, so the new pics are up sooner).

Returning readers know that I work in Peachtree Center now, so I've now managed to put in 3 days of day-job work overlapping with 5 days of con, all without leaving the 3x3 block square that defines D*C. Intense, but quite time efficient. I've already put in my vacation request for DC09, and it was approved (woot!).

The good...
People whose awesomeness improved my weekend in so many ways: Kive, Baron, Goose, Aims, Amber, Lucas, Jeanette, you all know who you are.
I got to see a lot of friends that I haven't been around for months, or even years in a couple of cases.
I checked a few more items off my list of personal firsts.

The bad...
I was broke. The new job was only one paycheck old as of con time, so I ended up bringing every dollar I had (and spending less than half of them, thank god). AWA is a whole *TWO* paychecks away, so this particular problem will not recur.

The ugly...
Thanks to miscommunication, poor timing, poor judgment, and poor planning, on the parts of multiple people including myself, I was utterly unable to fulfill my volunteering requirements. I have never heard of anyone having this problem, so I am unsure about the consequences, likely the least of which will be my lack of a staff badge next year.


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