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Like many of my writings about my decision making process, value system, priorities, and thoughts, this one is about planning ahead. I like to make broad categories of decisions in advance so that I don't have to make them on short notice. I have more time right now to think about these things, to collect the views of my friends and peers, to weigh consequences and repercussions, and generally to make a good decision than I will when it comes time to put that decision into action.

You probably think this post is about sex and cheating. You probably think "don't be involved in other people breaking the rules of their relationships" is a pretty straightforward statement, and a good rule to live by. I'd like to disabuse you of that notion. You need to think a lot more broadly about rules that might exist in a relationship, and the myriad factors that might affect your decisions and lead to those rules being broken. It's rarely safe to deal in absolutes, so let me start by thoroughly stepping outside that box. My take on this whole concept is a work in progress, but more often than not my reaction to such situations is going to be "She knows more about her relationship than I do. I'm going to let her make those decisions and she is responsible for the consequences. I may impose honest communication requirements on her as a condition of my participation.".

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TRIGGER WARNING: This note involves rape and drugs.


I have removed his address from this post at the request of the people who still live at that address. He is currently being held, with no bond listed, for a technical parole violation regarding his change of address. If we do nothing, he will be back out very soon. Once again, if you have firsthand knowledge of any of his illegal doings (no rumors, please), please contact Shawn Bugbee (tagged on this note) or the police directly.
His current inmate status can be seen here, if the link stays good:


Techno is in jail. He is currently being held by the Fulton County Sherriff's Department, the hold mandated by the Parole dept. Further information as it arrives. Do not consider this issue closed, anyone with something to report should still contact the parole dept or the police and explain your situation.

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It's time to air out some dirty laundry. Rumors are fine and dandy for things that don't matter, but this has long since passed that point. I'm sure some of you have heard various things from various people about my involvement with this issue, so this is to set the record straight.

Christopher Dale Moore, better known as Techno to most of our mutual acquaintances, is a menace. He is a sexual predator. He is a liar, and not even a good one. My stated goal at this point is to not encounter him in social settings any more, and to prevent my acquaintances, especially of the naive female variety, from having to deal with him, and I don't plan to adjust my own habits to accomplish that. I have been neutral on this subject for too long, and too many people have become involved for me to continue to let it slide. If I still have your ear, please read on...

ETA: Shawn Bugbee, known to many of us as the legal counsel for CoLab in their current disagreements with the APD, is collecting information from any victims of this man. If you have first-hand information (no rumors!), please pass it on to him (he can be found on Facebook by name or at his website

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Some names changed to protect the innocent.
Crossposted to Facebook and Livejournal.

TRIGGER WARNING: This note involves rape and drugs.
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Stop reading now if you are uninterested in the drama currently surrounding Spring 4th.
01:10 am, March 28th, 2009
goes without saying: anyone sharing a locked post with someone locked out is a low life mo fo.
03:41 pm, March 29th, 2009
I appreciate those of you who became concerned after the posts Amber made about me. Thank you to those who forwarded things on to me.

Am I the only one who sees a problem here? A problem almost certainly near the root of the current communication and business issues surrounding a certain event venue manager.

PS: Yes, I know he was quoting Amber.


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