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This is the second half of my post-con writing, following a con report style post that's not specific to my experience.

I went to Frolicon this year, after skipping the event last year for logistical reasons, and not otherwise having been to Atlanta for a couple of years. It was a fun weekend, quite full of social and play time with friends and acquaintances, old and new.

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This is the first half of my post-con writing, to be followed by a post about my personal experience and weekend.

Overall, Frolicon is still Frolicon. Circumstances required the venue and date to change this year, which upset a few people, but didn't ruin the event. Every convention has growing pains, and it looks likely we'll weather this one just fine.

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All in all, definitely still a convention worth going to for those kinky and/or geeky.
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A bad Frolicon is still better than a good weekend at home. This was my worst one yet, but I still had fun.

The good: I got to do decorative rope, including a couple of large corsets and my first serious attempt at a rope bra, with a bunch of new people. I got to see a lot of old friends and acquaintances. I learned/tried a few new tricks for improvising a working vacuum cube.

The bad: I had to improvise a working vacuum cube, again. I didn't get to spend more than a few minutes with any of the people that I miss who weren't my roommates at the hotel. Half of my potential "wishlist" play dates fell through, and people took my cards off the wish board without contacting me.

The ugly: 40 hours in the car for 48 hours at con is an entirely unacceptable ratio, especially with just 2-3 drivers. I won't make that drive again with fewer than 3 drivers, or for fewer than 4 days in Atlanta (which is entirely plausible for Frolicon, DragonCon, Alchemy, or Euphoria). I missed Thursday entirely, spent most of Friday tired, and fell asleep early both nights, missing out on a lot of fun and opportunity. Next year we will either extend the trip by a few days, or fly.


Apr. 5th, 2010 02:28 pm
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Had a hell of a weekend. Saw old friends, made new ones. Marked a few more firsts off my long to-do list.
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For anyone who has trouble navigating an Excel spreadsheet, or wants a prettier and more printer-friendly version of the schedule prior to the con. I changed a lot of formatting and corrected a few typos.


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