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The world's population is booming. This is not necessarily a good thing. How many billions more people can the world support if we continue to find an infinite amount of petroleum from which to make fertilizer? How many billions fewer can it support if we don't? Different studies put these numbers at wildly varying levels, many of which have been disproved over the last century as we passed through previous predictions. Running out of food isn't something people like to think about, but regardless of when it happens, it will happen, and it would be prudent to make plans and procedures to keep it from happening or deal with it when it does.

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Since I was a child I've been designing this device in my head. Every year or two the bug hits and I look at what hardware would be required, and every time it gets theoretically cheaper and easier to build. Someone finally built it.

This is a wearable camcorder that is always recording on a short loop. When you press the record button it starts recording (or uploading, via a smartphone) from 30 seconds in the past.

See something awesome? Press the button.
See an accident? Press the button.
See a crime? Press the button.

I love living in the future.
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[ profile] kdsorceress thinks I should write about my future. Not being gifted with any discernable sixth sense or prescience, this will all be speculation, or at best goals and hopes.

In my near future, before next summer...
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In the mid-term, 1-3 years from now...
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In the long-term, 3-10 years[2] from now...
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Beyond that, who knows. I think the world will have ended by then. If not, it will be unrecognizable to us today. Grey goo, neural computer interfaces, nuclear war, biological war, space colonisation, or one of a dozen other timeline-derailing scenarios will have come to pass, and I can only hope to be around to see the other side of whatever happens.

[1] Even if you are absolutely opposed to retirement savings, you can put in your $50/wk, plus their $50/wk, withdraw it all immediately, take the ~36% tax penalty, and come out with $64, $14 ahead of the guy who just ignores the opportunity and keeps his $50.

[2] Yes, 3-10 years is long term. I know as little about myself at age 35 today as I knew about myself today at age 20. Also, the singularity is approaching.


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