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Some words on the recent drama and controversy surrounding CoLab...

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I am thinking about suing businesses that robodial my cell phone, or call with prerecorded messages. I will make some enemies, and possibly lose some services*, but weighing that against the potential monetary judgements (a gentleman in DC who does this makes thousands of dollars per year) is pretty tempting.

The TCPA provides for laws and regulations that cover all of this, to the tune of $500 per infraction, some individual calls being multiple infractions (robodial, pre-recorded message, etc).

In Georgia I would have to file in Magistrate Court, since we do not have a Small Claims court. That means defendants could bring a lawyer, which would hurt my chances of winning.

* - My gas utility provider might cut my service off if I sue them, but they have made at least $10000 worth of infringing calls to my cell phone already this month. If I can recover even 10% of that, it would be well worth switching gas companies.

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Hypothetical... I am downtown. Peachtree Center security asks me to leave their property and not come back. Small problem, I work in (but not for) Peachtree Center. If I come to work, I am trespassing, so that's not an option. Is there any approach here that retains my eligibility for unemployment benefits? Is the reason I was asked to leave the property relevant?


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