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Put more money into savings. One year of 12.5% contribution to my 401(k) has made up for multiple years of low/no retirement savings. The first year worth of stock grant at my employer also just vested, so that's a start to my short/medium-term savings (so I can buy a house in a year or three, maybe).

Donate more to charity. Katarina inspired me to make recurring donations to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood already. My irregular EFF donations are going to be made regular, and I'm going to add some to that.

Buy more art. My friends make art and their time is not worthless. I also consume a lot of art/media/entertainment that I don't have to pay for. Thanks to Winter for the idea of making a bunch of $1/mo Patreon commitments.

Help my friends and acquaintances more, financially. I make more in a day than many of my friends make in a week. I think I can work at least one day a month for them. Starting today.

Do something more interesting for housing than just living in a bus. I have three buses. I am actively pursuing leads for a small building and parking lot somewhere in SF or Oakland, so I can invite 5-10 people to live with me and make something unusual happen.
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When someone commits to buying a ticket to an event from you, or sharing a hotel room, or riding in your car, when other people also want to, and then they bail, do they still owe you the money? If they tell you they aren't coming a month in advance? A week? A day? During the event? Or if they just don't show up?
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Short version: I get paid Friday morning. I need to check into the Arisia hotel tonight. Would anyone out there be willing to check my room in for me? I can switch it over to my own card tomorrow for payment when I check out.

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Every time someone asks me to send them money (or accept money from them) via Paypal I have to explain that I don't use Paypal and that I will happily use any other online money transfer service. The most common responses boil down to "I didn't know there were any alternatives to Paypal" and "Why not?". Read more... )
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I am going to order some uncut currency (that is, poster-sized sheets of bills) and document my experience spending (or trying to spend) them in different ways. A few ideas occur to me, and can be applied in different combinations.

A small 'checkbook' of bills. Perforated and torn out to pay for things, or not perforated and I cut the bills out.

Using larger than 1x1 sheets (that is, more than 1 still attached to each other) of bills.

Any of the above, applied to a transaction where I already have the goods (such as a restaurant meal I have already eaten, or a post-paid utility bill), and thus the other party is required to accept them (they could say no in other situations).

I am also trying to think of a good way to video-record the experience without needing a wingman, maybe a small video camera on a lanyard or hat?

Your thoughts?


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