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Since I'm about to head out of the house for 20-40 hours of parties and other sundry social events, I figured that sort of thing would make a good post. I am involved in a lot of social circles, covering a huge cross-section of different subcultures in and around Atlanta, so if you're bored then read on and find something new to explore. I just hope I don't insult anyone along the way...

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So, I missed a day and failed the August challenge on That makes me sad, but all the reasons I missed it were worth it.

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May. 18th, 2009 04:55 pm
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Last weekend was a blast. 80s night on Thursday was packed, because Hell was closed AND the Diesel Boy fans were still there. Club Fetish on Friday was pretty cool, convinced a friend to un-hermit and hang out for a while (note to self: Majestic is not an option after RHPS lets out). Then I went to Nashville for a party Saturday night, which was a whole lot of fun. Got to talk to a lot of folks that I haven't seen a lot lately, cleared up some misunderstandings. Actually got homesick for Nashville, but only a little :)

This weekend is Play On Con. You should all come to Birmingham. Cookouts, gaming, and parties.
I need a ride out there as early as possible on Friday, and a ride home Monday late morning. I also have a bed to share. Could trade bed for ride, if that's a good fit for someone, or just split gas on the ride and rent out the bed, so let me know if anyone wants to do one or both of those.
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Now that Amber's 80s night and birthday party got rescheduled, I need to get both there and to Java's party.  I was thinking Spring 4th from early til somewhere between 12 and 2, then to Java's.  Anyone else got a similar night planned and room to spare in a car?
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I don't watch football. A significant number of my friends were home alone playing video games on Sunday evening. Plenty of my other friends throw and attend superbowl parties. What I want to do next year is throw a superbowl commercial party. Instead of 1 hour of football and 2 hours of mixed-quality commercials I want to mix in the best of previous years' commercials and have 3+ hours of awesome commercials including the new ones.

Also, some gaming may be a possibility.

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The Frosted Fetish Ball, hosted by The Secret Room at the Jungle, was definitely an awesome way to kick off the year. The place was packed from 11PM on, dance floor covered in people the whole time. I got to say hi to a bunch of people that I haven't seen since Frolicon, or Twisted Toyland for a few minutes. Had a chance to have some longer conversations with some new acquaintances than I have before, and that was good in a number of ways. Got a few more inquiries about hiring where I work, which is still going on and anyone with tech support skills is welcome to email me a resume.

For the most part I hung out with [ profile] allison_smiley and her friends and friends of friends. A fun crowd that I encounter at a lot of nightlife and convention events, need to get to know some of them better.

Had a little fun with my gloves, as always, but the high point(s) of the night was my first chance to use my new TENS unit on someone other than myself. I had used a less featureful TENS on someone else before, but the wide range of control in my unit made it a lot more challenging to hit the sweet spots. It's a very different experience; I need to practice picking up the subtle reactions to changes in stimuli, something that is moot when I can feel it myself, or when I don't have the option to change more than one or two parameters of the experience. A few folks enjoyed individual attention, but the more interesting times were had with various people hooked up with interfering current patterns, so that when they touched (for various varieties of "touch") the current passed through them.

All in all a great night, and a reminder (after over 2 months of no cons!) of how much I am going to enjoy Chattacon.

[edit] Some points brought up in comments that I neglected to mention...
The police presence was unusual, I have never been to a club with cops there full time. That may have had some impact on...
A few people that I know came expecting some dungeon equipment, at least a spanking bench. The one cross in the middle of the main room was far too crowded to use. The side room that got commandeered for a few small scenes would make a great miniature dungeon for future events, padded seating around the perimeter, room for a cross and one or two spanking benches on one wall and in the middle.
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Got some packages of electronics stuff that I ordered. About two cubic feet (solid, no packaging included in that measurement) of assorted electronics components. Fun stuff.

In other news, today is the Spring 4th holiday party, anyone else gonna be there? Open bar, Amber spinning some tunes, bring a pot luck item for dinner!


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