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I am shopping for a phone. Below is my shopping list. I won't buy a phone that doesn't have every feature in the first category. My budget is $300 for something that has all features in the first two categories, less for less, more for some of the last category.

able to record calls
transfer files via standard USB cable
charge via standard USB cable
mini/micro SD storage
standard earbud and/or headphone jack
web browser
320x240 screen
QVGA video camera
alarm clock that works while the phone is powered off
google contact syncing
caller blacklist

not carrier locked
480x320 screen
VGA video camera
modern flash/javascript-capable web browser

800x480 screen
2MP+ camera

Your suggestions (or offers) are welcome. I'll probably add to this list as people make suggestions or point out things I forgot.
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I am probably going to buy a scooter soon. I am looking for something <=50cc, seating for a passenger, preferably 4-stroke. Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer, or point me in the direction of someone with a used scooter for sale?
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The Goodwill in Sandy Springs apparently received the stock of a comic book store as a donation. They are putting out short boxes (~150 comics per box) four at a time, priced $15-21 per box. I nabbed the Sto-Sup box (Storm.. Strange... and the first few Super...) the other day when they first put them out. Right now they have out four boxes, roughly Due-Emo, Gar-Gen, Psi-Pul, and Sup-Sup. I saw a bunch more boxes waiting to come out, and with a little persuasion a collector might entice them to just sell the lot of them.

Will X-Post this to a wider audience if no one replies here that you are going to try to get them.
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The time has come to furnish the new place. We are shopping on craigslist and in discount furniture stores and seeing some things we like. I am also reaching out to all of you. Our shopping list is like so, in order of priority:

  • sectional couch, I want it to include recliners, she wants a chaise lounge, we both want it soft

  • storage ottoman, the big ones with 2 or 4 cushion/tray flip tops

  • end tables

  • night stands

  • bookshelves

  • desk

  • kitchen chairs

  • porch/lawn furniture

Our color preferences are slight, we are leaning towards a dark+light theme, but color isn't going to ruin something. The one 'no' is anything chrome, she can't stand it.

If you have any of this for sale, or know anyone who does, let us know.


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