sparr: (cellular automata)
2017-03-04 01:47 pm

Memories and 11-year-old Sparr

Found while organizing old documents, a folder labeled "Memories". Some of the contents:

The tickets from my first trip by plane.

Various holiday cards from friends and family.

The unopened invitations to my sister's college graduation and two old friends' wedding.

The letter sent to me by my mother just after she won custody of myself and my sister, before we moved to live with her.

The letter sent to me by my father just after we moved to live with my mother.

A couple of school assignments to transcribe a poem from a book and add color/art, probably including the first and last time I ever tried to draw a bird.

A long letter from my aunt when I was 15, about my impending early graduation.

A few pages from a journal I was required to keep as part of a class when I was 11 years old, with writing prompts, as follows:

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