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After the recent unpleasantness, I know there are a number of people on my friend list who aren't attending events at S4 any more. Unfortunately some of our favorite events remain there, so that leaves some holes in my otherwise dense nightlife calendar. I can draw from [ profile] dark_atlanta to fill some of the gaps, but that leaves plenty. So I turn to you, my friend list, to help me out. What other fun stuff happens the first Friday of every month? Recurring Friday or Saturday nights? Particular other weekend nights?
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Since so many people that I see out and about appear to be unaware of most of the cool events around town, I am going to try to maintain a calendar of club / fetish / kink nightlife and party events in and around Atlanta. Right now it includes recurring(ish) entries for Masquerade thursdays, Phobia, Lunatic Lounge, Whippersnappers at 1763, Electrohurtz, etc, and a few one-off events like Chattacon*, some events, etc.

View the Calendar

Calendar ICS file for iCal, Sunbird, or other calendar apps

* - I am going to occasionally include larger/longer events as far away as Chattanooga, Athens, etc. Trust me, when I do, they will be worth the drive.
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The busiest day on my calendar in the last 3 months, in terms of events I want to attend and I know at least some of my friends will be at, and that includes NYE. This prompts two questions.

First, about this specific day... Where will YOU (my loyal LJ-replying friends) be? I am torn between the following (in order of current personal preference):

Whippersnappers (the local 21-39 bdsm / fetish play group)
Frosted Fetish Ball (by
Momocon Winter Ball (a dance for anime fans in formal attire)
Blast-Off Burlesque

Second, about calendars in general... A number of you have expressed surprise over the last few months when I tell them where I plan to be on a given weekend. Locals who attend a number of club/fetish/bdsm/other events but apparently are not in the loop about all such events. I follow the secretroom, dark_atlanta, and spring4thcenter LJ groups, and am on a number of relevant yahoo groups and other mailing lists. I currently keep all my plans on a Google Calendar, which is public, but I understand that a lot of people don't use any calendaring software and don't want the "extra work" of learning to. So, I ask you all, where can I post a public calendar of such events that would be easiest for you all to see them? I don't plan to send out invitations, just keep a list. Should I just link to my Google Calendar? Move those events to a Facebook calendar of some sort (which, if not the default app?)? Track them on LJ or *shudder*MySpace in some way? Tell me what you want, that will greatly impact my ongoing calendaring decisions.


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