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I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit back to Boston. Saw a few friends and made some new social and professional networking acquaintances at Barcamp Boston. Got to spend (never enough) time with Kat. Saw many other friends at Honk and cuddle parties on Sat and Sun nights. Flew back and straight to work this morning.

I failed to make solid plans with a lot of people who I wanted to see, and aim to rectify that when I visit again next weekend. I fly in on Friday around 7 and am headed straight for NECTR. If you'll be there, I'll definitely see you there, and you should seek me out if you wish to converse or interact in some way. Non-NECTR folks, here's the plan:

Sunday afternoon I return from NECTR. I have no plans Sunday evening, Sunday night, or Monday morning. I may be busy on Monday afternoon. Monday evening I'm having a meeting for a sexy/kinky play space project I'm trying to organize for Firefly next year, which I'd love more input or help with. Monday night I'm free. Tuesday morning I fly back to work in Chicago, again.
So, anyone who wants to see me, get in touch here or directly and let me know. I'm probably going to try to host something social, at the Sanctuary or elsewhere, on Sunday evening or Monday night. Maybe dinner, maybe gaming, maybe cuddle party.
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I moved because of a job offer. I accidentally applied for a job in Chicago, thinking it was in San Francisco due to some website filtering shenanigans. Fast forward a few days and I get an email asking "are you willing to relocate to Chicago", to which I respond with a cautions affirmative. A few phone interviews and some negotiation later and I discovered I'd be moving on a week's notice.

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If not for all the people I left behind in Boston, including the person I love most, I'd call Chicago the clear winner. After 2.5 years in Boston I had finally managed to establish some long lasting friendships and other relationships. Hopefully those will persist despite the distance, and I can convince people to visit me, and I'll be able to find more good people in Chicago. As with all things, time will tell.
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I spent this weekend in Boston at Arisia. Read more... )

PS: Parts of this entry are NSFW, because I like to have FUN at conventions.

[0] we met last year at Arisia and I got to tie her up once in the con suite, purely socially
[1] which she probably was, see previous sentence about being fond of rope
[2] the Bread Room, for any attendees who remember how it was laid out
[3] widely separated cuffs, hands bound in front below the breasts, elbows bound behind the back, with forearms parallel on opposite sides of the torso
[4] note to self: boldness works, try more often!
[5] note to Westin: beds with legs are awesome, your purchasing staff rocks
[6] which is unlikely to be the ongoing state of affairs if I have anything to say about it, as she and K both find each other cute and play-worthy, and I'm determined to make that happen
[8] Everything is a sex toy. Everything I own, everything K owns, everything at Home Depot, everything at Kroger. If you can't figure out how, you're not thinking hard enough, or you aren't imaginative enough in terms of fetishes.
[9] There are many threads on Fetlife and elsewhere about how to explain your sex toys and fetish gear to police / security / TSA. The answer is easy, "It's a sex toy". Be direct and blunt, tell them exactly how it's used if they insist on inquiring further.


Jan. 15th, 2010 09:38 am
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I'm on the plane to Arisia right now. I'm hosting some gaming to pay my way, but came up short on finding a hotel room. If anyone has friends in Cambridge with a spare couch feel free to point them my way.


Jan. 6th, 2010 01:44 am
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I bought tickets to visit Boston in a few weeks. The first time I have flown since the inception of the TSA. I am not looking forward to the experience.

Here's for having more self control than stick figure guy...

Bag Check


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