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I have a lot of sorted and unsorted electronics components, ranging from single inductors to ribbons of hundreds of parts I will never use to giant heavy things like motors and pumps. A large part of that middle area is due to ordering a few Surprise Boxes from Electronics Goldmine (which contents I detailed here). I am going to start at least one TGIMBOEJ to get rid of things that I don't need, and this is the first.

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Got some packages of electronics stuff that I ordered. About two cubic feet (solid, no packaging included in that measurement) of assorted electronics components. Fun stuff.

In other news, today is the Spring 4th holiday party, anyone else gonna be there? Open bar, Amber spinning some tunes, bring a pot luck item for dinner!
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Masqurade SpokePOV render
"Masqurade SpokePOV render" originally uploaded on 11th December, 2008 by sparr0.
This is a relatively accurate version of what this image looks like on the SpokePOV display attached to my bike.

I put a row of LEDs on my bike wheel, so when it spins it makes pictures. I don't have a camera right now to take real pics, so this is the best I can do today, show up at the masquerade tonight if you want to see it in person.


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